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Projects up to 25,000 euros

Applications for project funding up to 25,000 euros can also be submitted at any time. Applications should be submitted by the partner churches or organisations themselves.

Applications for project funding must meet the terms and conditions of 'Churches helping Churches' (application form). Funding authorisation is possible at any time.

Reporting on projects, which have received funding, depends on the duration of the project. A report should be submitted at the end of the project (at the latest, three months after the reporting period has ended). For projects that last longer, an interim report should be submitted after one year. Reports must include details of the project's progress as well as the finances, and should be oriented towards the guidelines of 'Churches helping Churches'. Building/renovation works do not, as a rule, receive funding.

Overview - projects up to 25,000 euros

  • No maximum duration, but usually up to a period of two years
  • Building/renovation works do not, as a rule, receive funding
  • Applications can be submitted at any time, using the application form
  • Project reporting will depend on the project's duration - after one year or after completion (at the latest, three months after the end of the reporting period)
  • Reporting should meet with the guidelines of 'Churches helping Churches'

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