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Small project funding

The 'Churches helping Churches' initiative also offers funding for smaller projects and programmes. The upper limit of financial support for a small project is 7,500 euros. Applications for small projects should be submitted by partner churches or the organizations themselves.

The small project funding aims at strengthening churches and church institutions in their theological, social service, and ecumenical work. In this context, preference is given to the support of Reformed and United churches.
Applications for funds should outline the measures that are planned, include information on the duration of the project, and the amount of funding applied for. Applications should include a description of the specific problem(s), the planned activities and the desired results of the project. Project areas eligible for funding may for example include:

• Equipment and facilities for the social service or pastoral work of churches
• Seminars, trainings, conferences
• Public relations work and publications

Projects should not exceed one year.

Retrospective financing of ongoing or completed projects is not possible. A report must be submitted three months after project completion at the latest. The informal report should include details on the project results and finances.

Small projects with a big impact

Small project funding has been used to train church council members of the Reformed Church in Romania for their work in the community.
In the Samara region of Russia, a Lutheran church community supported orphans infected with HIV.
In Hong Kong Churches helping Churches supported the Mission for Migrant Workers in a lawsuit of an exploited and abused Indonesian housemaid against her employer, which resulted in a landmark court decision strengthening the rights of migrant workers in China.

Small project funding enables our church partners to take many small steps forward and at the same time encourages them to increase their social and ecumenical commitment in their own communities.

Overview - small project funding

• Up to 7,500 euros per project
• Maximum duration: 12 months
• Applications can be made informally at any time
• Funding primarily for projects of Reformed and United churches
• Funding can be used for seminars, conferences, publications, short-term
   initiatives etc.
• Construction projects cannot be funded at all.
• Funding cannot be awarded to projects that have already started or been
• A report must be submitted three months after project completion at the latest.


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