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About the initiative 'Refugees in Europe'

The number of people seeking refuge in Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea and traveling via the so-called Balkan route through Southeast Europe increased significantly in 2015.
Churches and church organizations have been important actors in humanitarian relief as well as in promoting integration and active participation of newly arriving people in the different European societies and local communities.

Acknowledging the crucial role of churches in this context, Churches helping Churches puts a special focus on the financial support of churches and church organizations in Europe in their work with refugees and other migrants. The initiative Refugees in Europe – Raising Awareness and Promoting Integration offers financial assistance to local partners in setting up projects to improve the current situation of refugees and other migrants at local, national and international levels.
Project areas eligible for funding may include:
• Assisting migrants and refugees by offering language classes, job trainings, accommodation or social and legal consultancy
• Supporting integration by organizing cultural/social/sports activities that bring together people with and without experiences of displacement
• Promoting contacts and dialogue between church members and newcomers, Christians and Muslims, local Christians and Christian migrants/refugees by organizing joint encounters, excursions, worship
• Raising awareness on the situation of migrants and refugees to counteract prejudices and discrimination
• Promoting open dialogue on the topic of migration in church and society by organizing conferences or discussions
• Advocating for the rights of refugees and migrants at local, national or international levels
• Organizational development, capacity building,
• Equipment and material for related activities
Social projects aimed at assisting people who are particularly affected by the economic crisis in Greece and other countries that host high numbers of refugees can also be considered for funding.
While projects should constitute a practical expression of Christian faith, they should not aim at the conversion of people of different faiths, but rather encourage inter-faith dialogue based on mutual acceptance and respect.
Priority will be given to applications from the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.
Please contact us if you would like to apply for funding or if you have any questions concerning the initiative

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Refugees in Europe

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