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The Programme

The Programme of "Churches helping Churches"

The programme of "Churches helping Churches" is focused on the worldwide funding of projects that are important for the witness and service of the churches. This includes theological, pastoral and diaconal projects.

Christian student movement in Zimbabwe: Advocacy work for governmental transparency and accountability

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'Churches helping Churches' was founded in the mid-fifties. The initiative was the response of Protestant churches in Germany to the great aid they had received during the post war period from partner churches abroad. The German churches wanted to express their gratitude and give something back in return for all the solidarity they had experienced.

There are still churches today, all over the world, that are in need of inter-church aid and solidarity. These churches are perhaps facing new challenges, have to extend the scope of their pastoral work, or may need help to overcome a sudden crisis. 'Churches helping Churches' supports pastoral as well as diaconal programmes.


The support of project partners is based on Christian solidarity and ecumenical community. The selection of partners to contact and the allocation of funds is effected in cooperation with the representatives of the 'Union of Evangelical Churches in the Evangelical Church in Germany' (UEK) and of other inter-church aid organizations.


'Churches helping Churches'
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